Marielle van de Ven is a Dutch fashion designer who completed her Masters at the London Royal College of Art in 2010.

Marielle’s strength is that her work is very closely related to her outlook on life - doing what you feel you have to do, having a great time above all and enjoying very much wherever your ideas take you.
Innovation in technique and materials, building a piece layer by layer and the contrasting of materials differentiates her work from any others. For Marielle it’s all matter of getting the balance right, This results in refined but sharp collections, characterised by rigid materials and the transparent. Her most recent collections have set the tone for her deeply personal signature approach.

After graduating from Artez, school of Visual Arts in Arnhem in the Netherlands in 2007, Marielle van de Ven ‘s work was stocked at several Dutch stores such as the Comme des Garcons Guerialla store in The Hague, Coming Soon in Arnhem and Nen Xavier in Rotterdam.

A note from the ‘Arnhemse Nieuwe’ judging panel:

“The judging panel found themselves in a completely different world when Marielle’s models walked down the catwalk. The collection distinguished itself in an exceptional way. Through her magnificent focus on every little detail, without losing the overall picture, she has been able to keep honest and close to herself. This results in a dreamlike and breathtaking authenticity which impressed the crowds. The judging panel praises her eye for detail, sense for use of material and presentation. She has managed to present a total picture showing research and development of all the facets in the field of fashion. Marielle has a lot of potential to rise as a fashion designer of international standard”.

In 2008 van de Ven was selected for the Australian Merino Woolmark Prize, for this designing a range of knitwear items, to be produced in Italy and shown at Palais de Tokyo in Paris during Paris Couture Week. In that same year Marielle also got selected for Prentices Talent Competition ITS 7, to show her collection in Trieste Italy.
Shortly after that she enrolled in the Womenswear Fashion Department at the Royal College of Art, year of graduating 2010.
Through the ITS 7 competition Marielle was nominated for the Fashion Weekend in Brussels. During the first year of her Masters, besides her course program, she worked on a new collection for this event.

A collection based around Transparencies: Beauty can be fleeting, abstract and lost in space. The pellucid nature of Beauty is the inspiration for the collection. The use of layered transparency makes the garments fleeting, an abstraction. Important in this collection is the use of different silks to create delicate full-length dresses and voluminous pants with an air of softness and slackness. Most are hand-printed and inspired by a splendid ethnical colour palette. They contrast with sharp leather jackets, featuring constructed zips and squared shoulders, minimalist and strong in its entirely.

In 2009 Marielle was invited to show her work at the Artez Plus exhibition at the Arnhem Mode Biennale, showing a selection of work from what they called “the most promising graduates from Artez over the last 10 years”.

In 2010 she completed her Masters at the RCA with her work ‘COMPONENT EXPANSION’. It was described thus: Deconstructed pieces continue in the skeletons of their existence.
A collection whereby construction takes over the cloth, mainly inspired by installations of Japanese designer Do Ho Su. Structured and pieced leather jackets riveted together with metal bolts. Paired with fluid full-length dresses. Layers of transparency with leather and sheer fitted trousers. Framing and fragmentation, expanded metal components and rigidity contrasts with the delicate.

For her graduation collection from the Royal College of Art, Marielle was short-listed for the Mittelmoda awards. During this Italian event in Gorizia in July 2010, she was awarded with the Otago Polytechnic scholarship for the collection showing “Most Innovative use of Materials and Techniques.”

In December 2010 she left for New Zealand as part of the scholarship, where she worked on a new collection to show at the Emerging Designer Awards, iD Dunedin Fashion Week April 2011. Whilst in Dunedin she has been working on this collection, alongside several other projects, as well being a lecturer at the fashion department of the Otago Polytechnic University.

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